A Visit to NC Wyeth and Andrew Wyeth Studios

When visiting NC Wyeth and Andew Wyeth’s studios in Chadds Ford, PA, what struck me the most is how different the workspaces of the father and son artists are. NC Wyeth had a more ornate home and studio where he created extremely detailed illustrations, while Andrew Wyeth’s space was as stark as his paintings.

NC Wyeth’s Studio

The entire front of NC Wyeth’s studio is full of windows, allowing for plenty of natural light. Filled to the brim with ceramic busts, models and still life fodder, there are items everywhere – yet it doesn’t feel messy. Off the main studio area is a huge area where NC was able to work on large scale paintings.

NC Wyeth’s studio felt grandiose and majestic.

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Andrew Wyeth’s Studio

Andrew Wyeth’s studio also had incredible windows to capture the light, but in contrast, his studio was very bare and sparse. You can tell NC’s curiosity was instilled in Andrew, as he also had a few items collected from nature, yet the items kept felt curated and purposeful.

The peeling painted walls felt as if they belonged in one of his paintings.

(Also, I have serious kitchen envy – the kitchen is in another part of the house where his studio resides. His family briefly lived there.)

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Kuerner Farm

After having visited the Olsen House in Maine a few years ago, I knew I had to also see the Kuerner Farm. Andrew spent many hours at the neighboring Kuerner Farm, where he befriended the couple who lived there. The Kuerners and the farm are featured in many of Andrew’s paintings.

I enjoyed seeing the inspiration for Spring Fed (the barn sink) and Evening at Kuerner’s.

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Visiting these properties as part of the Brandywine River Museum of Art was a fascinating peek into the lives and art of these two artists.


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